Environmental protection

is a top priority at OvernightPrints

Regretfully, one still has to say that printing in general is not very environmentally friendly, considering that up to 70% of the energy of a printing machine is converted to heat. Only the measly remainder is used for the actual printing. This is true for all printers that use offset or digital printing to produce their products, which is, basically, EVERYONE. Our competitors too. It is the responsibility of manufacturers of printing presses to finally do something about energy consumption!

What can OvernightPrints do nevertheless to sustainably preserve and protect the environment?

In doing so, we make a significant contribution to the preservation of our beautiful environment. Still we need to keep on calling on the manufacturers of printing presses to finally take steps toward better energy efficiency. In our opinion, in this day and age it should not be a problem to build machines where the energy consumption is reduced by 50% (compared to the currently available technology).

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